The Human Condition!!!

Let me look at this as positively as possible and from the most “logical angle” I can see it from!

I recall the specific events of the past week and its ending…

I remember the state I was in, the pain I felt, the people who were beside me and tried to help, those who didn’t care, the sales visits I had, the work I had to achieve in so little time, the written driving test, the events that happened there, home, the “family”, the personal level and the tears, the previous things I have written and posted, and I deduce the following:

We, the human race, are so fragile! Our condition whether mentally or emotionally can not but entirely depend on others in the sense that we can be easily broken just because someone decided to “screw up” with our hearts or minds.

Don’t tell me this can be avoided and that we have total control on our mental and emotional state because I would not be convinced!

Look at me for example, a very “cheerful” person in the mere sense of the word! I do enjoy laughing and being joyful and I love spreading this joy over those I care about. Then, all of a sudden, a stranger walks into my life and makes it all different. My happiness now, or even my well-being, becomes solely dependent on him/her. Why? Simply because I do believe that this life can not be tolerated except with that “someone” by your side and once he/she is, everything you do, every step you make, needs to depend or just relate to that person in one way or another.

To explain more, please look at this situation and its scenarios.

Situation: I had a bad fight with x in my family, I needed to talk.

Scenario A: I’m single, I call one of my friends and we talk, I feel better.
Scenario B: I’m in a relationship, I call my boyfriend, he answers, we talk, I feel better.
Scenario C: I’m in a relationship, I call my boyfriend, he doesn’t reply, I feel worse!

Bear this in mind: We do not hold the decision of being fragile or not in our hands! So do not stress yourselves and strive to be what you can never be!
Only those who use their hearts for pumping blood and nothing else are those who will always prevail!


About outlived

X-dreamer, fighter and writer... Using words to unleash the pain that eats me from the inside out, day after day!
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One Response to The Human Condition!!!

  1. Anonymous says:

    people must learn that life has lots of frustration, if people live every frustration with all means, it will cause them enough pains for too much!the KEY is to pass those frustrations in a shalow way then recall them after a couple of months, you will see how your laughs will fill the place ….

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