Reasons for The "New Blog Look"…

Official grieving & mourning due to a massive individual loss & let down…

About outlived

X-dreamer, fighter and writer... Using words to unleash the pain that eats me from the inside out, day after day!
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5 Responses to Reasons for The "New Blog Look"…

  1. zeezazoo says:

    this is soooo not you…black?!?!beebee and black?!?! they dont' match, sorry…it's usuall, beebee and pink, baby blue, white… but not black!!anyway sweetie, it's ok, God gave us the power to forget so we could forget our pain in the past and move on to the best… i'm sure a wonderful life is waiting for u… a girl like u could have the perfect life, just wait…

  2. BeeBee says:

    Just wait! I hate waiting! I hate waiting in vain! I hate waiting for tomorrow, I hate waiting to come and for yesterday to go away! Black has always been my color, I just tried to change! Obviously, colors did not suit me well!

  3. zeezazoo says:

    who loves to wait?!?!no body… but they usually say, good things happen for those who wait… that's why i usually ask u to wait, cause looking at u and knowing u for 10 years now, i know that u should have an amazing future, the future u've always dreamed of… so don't lose hope, and who knows, maybe u don't have to wait that much after all…u can see me for example: u know how much i hate waiting, but when i look at things and analyze them, i find out if this thing i should wait for or not, if this thing deserves waiting for or not… u can see how shitty my life is right now, but i do believe that somethings in my life will get so much better if i waited just for a little bit… so i wait and wait… and i always ask for my friends help in that… i hate waiting all alone, but when there is someone next to u, u can wait for a long time without feeling the time…example: it's just like u r waiting for someone to pick u up, and u r alone at home, this person is late, so u decided to take a cab, cause u can't wait anymore, so u go out in the rain, searching for a cab, and when u find one, he keeps on hitting on u and causes u problems, till u start crying and decide to ask him to stop the car and let u out cause u can't take it anymore…analysis: first of all, if u were not alone at home, u won't feel the time and u won't care if the person picking u up was late or not…2. if u took a cab and it turns out that he's one of the good guys and he took u to where u wanna go… but as usual, u didn't talk to him and u didn't communicate that much with him… do u think he was the right choice to make?!?!i dunno, it's complicated…

  4. baby prophet says:

    two comments:1. the definition of waiting is: anticipating an event to appear in its position on the course of time; yet i don't know why you're considering a "perfect life" to be an event on the course; you are the line of time in your own life; no one else can fill that place! 🙂 time will pass whether you ACTIVELY SEEK perfection or not.. so make the amount of time you have as perfect as you want.. 🙂 2.As for the "black", which suits you 😉 .. i think you're not in a desperate state; the stronger you feel drawn to the black; then you're inevitably emphasizing the undeniable presence of light; or white; or its variation in colors, so i see you as cheered up beyond your wildest dreams.. true story!

  5. BeeBee says:

    Your optimism is appreciated baby prophet! Though sometimes it is just too much! Which is the same as too much pessimism! 🙂 Thank you for the comment… I always welcome feedback, especially from close friends!

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