The Five People You Meet in Heaven or HELL!!!

Well, some time ago, actually, a long time back, someone started reading this book to me: “The Five People You Meet in Heaven”…

This book was mainly about how our actions, whether directly or indirectly, effect those around us, in one way or another. It revolved around the idea that everything in this life is interlinked and how everything we do or don’t do, say or don’t say, affects someone else’s life and not necessarily someone we met or might ever meet for that matter!

For years now, I was so interested in finishing that book to see what the end was going to be like… Finally, I lost interest!

A few days ago, I heard that a new book was published after that one, called: “The Five People You Meet in Hell”!!! Ironic, isn’t it!

This world, this life, our existence, it is based on mere irony! Fake moments of happiness, few hints of temporary satisfaction, tiny specs of unjustified hopes and many splintered dreams…

In fact, it is true that everything we do does and will definitely affect someone else’s life… This effect maybe positive or negative, but it is essentially existent and truly valid!

Think about this: everyone in this world will pay, at one point or another, for someone else’s mistakes! There is no getting out of it or escaping from it!

On the political level: we, the citizens of any country we reside in, pay for our government’s mistakes…

On the social level: we, as daughters or sons, pay for our parents’ or other relatives’ mistakes… Whether it be the mistake of our parents’ wrong choice of a partner or a relative’s stupid behavior which will inflict irreparable harm to our being…

On the work level: we, as employees, pay for our boss’s mistakes! Or we just pay for the mistakes any employees before us had committed!

On the emotional level: someone, who will come after the damage is done and our souls no longer exist, and will pay for the mistakes those before him/her had made and caused us to be the “cruel, insensitive, careless wrecks” we have become!

On the friendship level: we, as friends, pay for the negligence of other friends and the hard times our friends go through due to all of the aforementioned levels!

All I wonder about right now is this: where do we meet all these people at the end: in heaven or in hell? Isn’t it harsh to condemn someone to a crime that might have been a reaction to another crime? Maybe all those who harmed us have been mere victims of someone else’s mistakes along this long and dreadful road called life!!!!


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X-dreamer, fighter and writer... Using words to unleash the pain that eats me from the inside out, day after day!
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One Response to The Five People You Meet in Heaven or HELL!!!

  1. zeezazoo says:

    WOW… this is a good subject to discuss… but it needs pages and pages of words to explain how things go in this life… it is all true what u wrote about us and everybody else, paying at one point or another for someone else's mistakes… it is true for sure… but, can we always call it paying?!?! why don't we call it, using, or learning… the mistakes our parents do in their lives and affect on us, can aware us of not falling in the same mistakes again, cause we've seen the effects they made on us, so we'll be aware not to make these mistakes again and make our kids suffer… but at the same time, u mentioned something really important while we were talking today, that "faqed el shai2, la yo3teeh" it is true, we can't give what we don't have… how do u expect me to give u love when i don't recieve love, or didn't recieve love before?! well,the summary of what i wanna say is, we should not let or allow the mistakes others do, to affect on us… we should not look negatively at this life and these mistakes people do… we should use them and learn from them, cause after all, we are living one life, one time, do u want this life to be ruined because of others?!?! i guess not…about ur question, where do we meet all these people at the end, in heaven or hell?! well, it depends, we are all responsible on the things we do as individuals, if u allowed my mistake to affect on u, then it's ur mistake, i should not pay for it, i did a mistake i pay for it but i don't pay for urs too…and the second question, it's the same answer…it's a big subject as i said before and there r a lot of things i still wanna talk about, but i don't wanna be long…

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