The Sarcasm of Life!

Sometimes life hits you hard…

It crashes you and breaks you down…

It shatters your soul and damages the things you cherish the most…

Then, someone comes along, gives you hope for a better day, for a new beginning, for a sincere smile…

But, does it all end there? Of course not…. You are faced with so many facts that you have to live with:

1. There is no extreme happiness (utopian kind of joy).
2. There is nothing perfect, or even close to that!
3. You can never have all that you want or even most of it.
4. Friends do come and go.
5. Life is too short.
6. Love is a joke – an overrated, unrealistic and overused non-existing concept!


About outlived

X-dreamer, fighter and writer... Using words to unleash the pain that eats me from the inside out, day after day!
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2 Responses to The Sarcasm of Life!

  1. zeezazoo says:

    1. there is no happiness at all…2. nothing and no one perfect…3. you can't have what you want… but you can have what life gives you… and it's not a must to be something you want…4. friends do come and go… right… if there are friends after all… i don't believe in this word anymore…5. life is short… i wish it was shorter…6. love?!?! no comment…

  2. Anonymous says:

    there is a friends,many will come and go,,but true friend will always be there waiting for you or even waiting your help,,look into a child eyes when you give him a new toy and tell me if there happiness,,life is short??sure but we have time to live it,and when we do,we'll figure out that love is true,ask someone already met you.

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