Contemplations of the Day!

After a long day full of different activities and crazy events, I retire to my room once again…
I sit there; staring aimlessly around me, wondering what can I do without driving myself insane!
To think of the past will bring no peace, neither will thinking about the days ahead…
Should I just waste more time or should I write how I feel instead?

Finally, as you can see, I decide to write… I decide to set my spirit free, and allow myself to wonder into the short-term memories of the day…

Earlier today, a 70 years old lady talked to me about the value of time…
I could hear in her tone how she feels that wasting time is a crime!
I am reminded now of every word her pure voice spelt to me…
The wisdom in her eyes and the pride that I want in me to be…
We spoke of mother earth, planet Gaia, and how angry it is at man…
Of the revenge it may one day bring upon its inhabitants, and that it can….
We discussed the similarity of human beings to the animals running wild…
With every story she told, I looked deeper into my soul and smiled…
And as we talked, I lost track of pain and in nature I flew!
Peace of mind washed over me and at that moment I knew:

There are much larger things in this life than you and I….
There is more suffering and pain that may never die!
No matter how unlucky we feel, our blessing we should always count…
And be sure that if we think of our troubles all the time, they will mount!
Feeding the soul is the best gift we have and will ever truly need…
It needs no money and brings so much worth in our lives indeed…


About outlived

X-dreamer, fighter and writer... Using words to unleash the pain that eats me from the inside out, day after day!
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6 Responses to Contemplations of the Day!

  1. zeezazoo says:

    this old lady is really good… i felt that she had a big affect on u with her words, i felt them going right to ur head… i'm glad u r listening to her… she talks too much, but she is wise u know…well, i've always believed that mother earth is going to get back to us, humans, one day… i mean, come on, look what we are doing, we are killing her… humans are always trying to find ways to defeat mother nature and mother earth, why??? is she that annoying?!?! she's giving us all what we need to live a good life… why do we hate her?? they r talking about a volcano in the middle of washington i guess, they r saying that if it gets active it's gonna destroy more than half of the united states… and look at what happened at Tsunami a couple of years ago… mother nature is warning us, but i don't think there is anyone listening to her…i'm sorry i got into details in different subjects, but i wanted to write a post about that just today because of what i heard from the same lady… u know, my blog's name is the secrets of mother nature :)well, i hope u get ur peace of mind… and i really hope u r feeling a lot better than before…good luck beebee

  2. تبرىء الكلمات في القلوبثم همس الرب في قلوبنا…الكلمات تصل حيث لا يقدر السلاحسألنا حكيم قريتنا، كيف ينزل الدفءعلى النفوس والشيطانقد ألقى بسمومه المفضلةخوفاً ويأساً وكراهيةعلى القلوب البريئةكما الرماد من محرقة السعادةكيف تنام عيون الايمانوسرير الأملتفترشه ملاءة القنوط الشاحبوعيون الحنث الفاسدةتنتهك حرمة الكلمات المقدسةوتسعد باغتيال هدايا السماءوسألنا :كيف يبتسم الخيرويصفع الكره الفضيلة من وجه الخجلو أتباعه يشوهون ويحرفون فى نفوس ضحاياهمحتى يصل الاعتقادبأن الإثم فضيلة والقتل عدالة والكره هو الحبتحدث الحكيمبصوته الخفيض وقالأن للشيطان أتباعيغتسلون في أنهار النبيذ في حادي*وبعشق السخرية الفارغيحصدون نفوساً مغشوشة جنيت بمنجل الانتحارمستحيل أن يكون الطريق إلى الفردوس مرصوفاًبجثث الأبرياء – عبر نهرٍ من الدماعتنقوا مد الحق وجزره الرائع في قلوبكم تقبّلوا الشك والعار أينما كانوالكي تدركوا أن النفس تسعد بالعطف وليس بالانتقامسطع صوته كالضوء وقال:ابحثوا بشجاعة في أعماق قلوبكمبلا نفاق ولا خداع ولا إجحافوحين تلمسوا الايمان هناكستنزل الكلمات الالهيه دواءً للقلوبمثل مطر أبدي يجذبه البحر دائماًحتى يرتفع ليملأ حرم النفوسبودٍ عميق هادىء ويغدو سلاماًعلى شواطىء العزم الالهي.[أرض الموتى في الأساطير الاغريقية*أبريل 2006

  3. Steve says:

    That is very positive. I like the idea of looking at negative circumstances and creating genuine gratitude in my own life.

  4. Sam Am says:

    in the midst of endless rambling, one can always find wisdom 🙂 but in all honesty age usually begets wisdom and she probably is for the whole mother earth will take revenge issue… assuming there is a gaia (which i seriously doubt), i don't think she'll take revenge on her children. ever heard of a mother take revenge on one of her children? and not any mother, but one that is wizened by millennia of life? hmmm…

  5. Dr. Tantawy says:

    brilliant as u always wrote .. Go on .. and dont look back 😉 you are realing doing well right now

  6. zeezazoo says:

    helloooooooooolong time no read :Dwhere did u go?? it's been a long time since we read ur amazing writings…yalla… o3sory hal mokh shway, and write something wonderful like u always do…if u want i'll introduce u to an 80 years old lady this time 🙂

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