The Impossible Vs. The Possible!

Rarely, only at certain moments, one might get to a point where he/she wants only what they can not have…
Whether it was a simple compliment, a hug, a date, or even a phone call!
This girl/guy end up in a dilemma: how can I have the “impossible”?
The struggle begins….
The inner emotions and feelings start getting in a muddle and as time passes by, he/she seems to forget the importance of what he/she can have or have already the “possible”…
As days go by, distance grows, not from the other part, from the self, and the doors of chaos are opened…
Guilt, pain, sadness and desperation invade and settle in the daily life routine and happiness and comfort just dash outside the windows of the soul!

The truth of the matter is: Why don’t we believe that what we can not have is simply not what we need?
Why can’t we trust that the “impossible” is not meant for us?

We humans can be so naïve sometimes!!! We are easily drifted towards the agony that life carries with its every turn and twist… We are quickly drowned in its melancholy…

Giving up on someone or something might be the “courageous” thing to do… Holding on could be the “cowardly” action we are trying to achieve!

Think about that… I know I am….


About outlived

X-dreamer, fighter and writer... Using words to unleash the pain that eats me from the inside out, day after day!
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3 Responses to The Impossible Vs. The Possible!

  1. zeezazoo says:

    "why don't we believe that what we can not have is simply not what we need????"we can't… cause if were satisfied from what we have in the first place, we would not have wanted something else, which is the thing that we can not have… we are looking for something cuz we r not satisfied from what we have… so, until we find that thing, we will keep on looking for anything to change our life and make us satisfied…"giving up on someone or something might be the courageous thing to do… holding on could be the cowardly action we are trying to achieve!"well, it does sound like that, u r right, but this can only be true on the things we don't believe in… but if u hold on on someone or something u believe in and believe that this someone or something could have a big effect on u and ur life, no matter what people think of this thing u r holding on, then this is a courageous thing to do… and giving up on it would be the cowardly thing…i think we should know better the things we r trying to hold on in our lives so we won't be wasting our time and happiness on them…

  2. Anonymous says:

    Well ya bee mashalla 3leiki… we always want the things we cant have and the more it is difficult the more we want it. Maybe once you get it, then it will loose the urge to want it even more. Or maybe once you have it you will want it more! And this dilemma you can never guess the answer until you try it. These are risks you need to take. Taking risks is something we should do in order to have a fulfilled life. The more we fall the more we learn. Too much lectures but am sure you know better ya bee…

  3. Beee says:

    i agree with zeezazoo on mostly everything!! dude ur such a wise man.. the thing is.. holding on to thingz u believe in.. u have faith in is the courageous thing.. standing tall.. facing ur fears.. challenging the difficulties.. challenging life and the bumps it carries is what counts.. not escaping them.. hiding behind the walls running away as soon as something showes up on the.. or even when the fire of the candle blinks from the wind around.. rais ur chin stand tall fight the way through life.. u can easily make it.. u just need to have faith in urself!

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