New Research…

New research reveals the possibility of a new drug that is able to erase bad memories and traumatic recollections! Wow! Who could have thought we would reach this stage of development in the medical sector?!

I remember when I first read about this drug, I was really happy, excited and curious. I tried finding more information about it, details, side effects, probability of success. You’d be surprised how many people were excited as much as I was, or maybe even more. Can you imagine the power of such a drug? I mean all those who have suffered from painful memories such as home violence, abuse, wars, etc, can you even begin to comprehend how getting rid of all those memories would be useful to their every day lives and their personal existence and personality?

On the other hand, some people objected to this drug’s effects. They reasoned that with the use of it, criminals, offenders and murderers will take this drug as a way out, an escape, from the guilt brought by their actions and crimes.

To be honest, I did not go that far with my thought, I just considered one thing: What will happen to all the good memories in between those painful and traumatic ones? What will happen to the things we learnt from those hurtful experiences? And how will the obliteration of those memories make a difference in who we are now and how we think?

What do you think? Would you encourage or discourage the use of such a drug?


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X-dreamer, fighter and writer... Using words to unleash the pain that eats me from the inside out, day after day!
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3 Responses to New Research…

  1. zeezazoo says:

    well, to tell u the truth, as much as i liked the idea the first time u told me about it, but i guess that i discourage the use of such a drug… cuz simply, it's against nature… we were born to have good and bad memories.. and i guess both kinds are the reason behind being what we are now, and what we are going to be in the future… and u can't feel happiness if u don't have badness in ur life… so if u only remember the good and the happy things that happened to u, u won't appreciate the happy things that r going to happen with us…and imagine this… what if u decided to forget what a specific person had done to u in the past and how much he hurt u!!! don't u think that u r going to fall in love with him again and experience the same pain he used to cause u in the past??? nooooooo, i didn't like this drug… khalas, don't give it to me… khalas… ma beddy 😀 :Di hope u have a lot of happy moments that becomes happy memories that could erase all the bad memories u have…

  2. Beee says:

    well.. the thing is that drug isn't a good idea at all.. cuz by the human nature u kinda have it in ur blood(humans) good memories will erase the ugly moments.. and it's very possible.. but u have to have a good well to do so.. unfortunately it works the other way too… by getting hurt and having so much pain.. by time u'll have no room for good memories also.. so it all depends on the human..some ppl like having troubles and fights.. it's in there nature and they have no control of it.. like remembering only bad moments although having so much great moments in there life! sorry to tell u this.. but sweetie.. u r one of those.. it's easy to work it out.. but in a way u try making thingz as complecated as possible.. live ur life look ahead cuz the past will alwayz get in ur way the way u live now! think of bad memories as a lesson and the world is filled with ppl who cares about u.. keep the good friends.. know the ppl around u.. and look a little deeper than the surface.. ppl caring for u isn't a good reason to fight about.. hear the advice.. apretiate the good moments and forget about the bad.. that way u'll live happy and in peace!

  3. baby prophet says:

    I’ve heard so much about "the lesson learnt from bad experiences"… bad experiences? we put ourselves in the position we want to be in, in life, our awareness should be at least this well managed so we can look at our reflection in the river of existence and find our own path onto the ocean of tranquillity.. drugs are manipulative, even these silly chemicals that have gotten into our daily diet.. "oh, it's just panadol.." it's chemicals your body never needed… did you think about the possibility of brain wash.. or create the opposite, meaning a drug that destroys all the good memories… destroy the psyche of a whole nation with one poisoned water's all useless when it comes to inflicted "healing".. destruction in my opinion…

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