The Twists of Fate!

To my mind, believing in the power of fate is sacred and comforting… I have always thought that “what is meant to be will happen, no matter what”… In the book I’m currently writing, it shows how I strongly believed in that and fought so hard for it… And how, day by day, week by week, month by month, this faith in fate began to fade!
Fate can be, and is, twisted by the actions we do, the words we say, the people we meet, those we decide to stop talking to… It can be affected by a song we hear, a movie we watch or even a beautiful picture we see…
I am humbled by the powers of humans to change their fate… I am humbled by their efforts to manipulate their paths… I am shocked by the ability of these small events and their effect on the way our road in life turns and changes…
I do know now that maybe sitting on the side and watching life go by might actually bring me closer to what I desire… But also, I know that maybe, just maybe, when I get what I desire it just would not be what I truly need!
“Kind of confusing huh! :)”

About outlived

X-dreamer, fighter and writer... Using words to unleash the pain that eats me from the inside out, day after day!
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5 Responses to The Twists of Fate!

  1. zeezazoo says:

    who told u that when u stop talking to someone or stop seeing someone or deciding to be with someone u r changing ur fate??? maybe u r changing paths to ur fate, making it longer or shorter but u r not missing with the fate…and that's why u don't know what is better for u until u try it, and u can't say that i desire that so that's what is going to make me feel better… because if ur fate is to have a happy life, u'll have it… no matter who the guy u r with is, or what the job is, or the place u r living in… cuz that's when fate makes it's move…take us, u and me for example, don't u think fate has a big part of it??? look at our history and how we started and u'll know what i'm talking about…keep ur faith in fate… cuz each one of us has his own fate… u just have to find the easy way to get it… it's all math… it's all logic, if u think of it in the right way…P.S. that's what i think… i know all of u might not agree with me…

  2. Anonymous says:

    well i agree with zeezazoo with most of the thingz.. fate is something u dont know.. u enter and exit thingz by ur free will… but eventually it's all has been previously writtin in ur fate!! u meet ppl who'll change ur life when it's least expected!! that's fate too.. u do thingz that u might think it's bad.. but lately u'll realize everything happened for a reason.. and it all makes sense..

  3. Anonymous says:

    Fate is what we make of our lives. God gave us brains to think, analyse and choose. God gave us hearts to feel and sense. People who are unable to use both their brains and hearts blame things on fate. Those who are willing to think, balance their feelings with life realities know that fate is actually what we choose. The trick is to make the right choices and every now and then evaluate our choices and rectify those choices that are having negative influence on us.As you see I agree with you completely and those who take fate as a given wants the easy way out.

  4. Hashem says:

    Confusing…yeah. But this is real life.Fate…we build it….it's never an event by itself….however, a series of events that should always be looked at as such….so,What looks to be fate, is actually a result of what was before…a long series of evnts…This is how I see it, and fate is never an excuse for not trying…though at times, i feel hopeless.

  5. BeeBee says:

    I agree with you Hashem.. It sometimes feel tempting to give up and wait and see what will happen next… Yet, this is called giving up… Fate does have an effect on how things work out at the end but it does not draw our path… We do… We have our brain to guide us and our hearts to sometimes mislead us, but it is all up to us at the end… Zeezazoo, I can not seem to find an easy way to get to where I have to be, yet, I know that something deep inside will never give up, not just yet!Anonymous and anonymous 🙂 thank u also for being a part of this argument.. Mwahhh…

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