The Night…

I love the night, how beautiful it makes everything look, how neat…
I love the way it glorifies every corner, every house and every street…
I love the calmness the night brings into my soul and how it sets me free…
How it makes the world seem clearer and how through the darkness it makes me see..
Walking past every house, I can feel the warmth the night can bring…
I can picture the families all inside together and it makes my soul sing…
Never felt so at ease with my existence except when the night falls…
I can imagine me outside celebrating its beauty, away from my mind’s walls…
The night calls out to me, it knows how much I appreciate it and it feels my need…
It is the cradle that rocks me to sleep and makes me feel safe indeed…
I love the night, how beautiful it makes me feel, how serene…
It is the least hurtful, the most warming and the most lean…

About outlived

X-dreamer, fighter and writer... Using words to unleash the pain that eats me from the inside out, day after day!
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10 Responses to The Night…

  1. zeezazoo says:

    this is one of the most beautiful things u have ever wrote… i loved it.. i love the way u r describing ur love to the night, and this is why i loved what u wrote that much, it's because i feel the same way about the night, it's the best time, and i've always tried to describe my feelings and my love to this magic time but i couldn't find the right words, but ur words now are wonderful, amazing walla…u r a great writer, u should finish ur book and publish it, it's gonna be the hit of the year…i'm glad u r feeling good these days, i'm glad u r that calm… i hope all ur times are just like the night time full of beauty, warmth and love…keep up the good work sweetie…

  2. Anonymous says:

    Saboo7a,so is that what you were writing last night huh,,what can i say?3am tzakrine bil moutribin w al moughaniyin yalle kil marra bya3mlo CD min2oul inno hayda a7la wa7ad w ma 7aykoun fi a7la minno,w mnirja3 bas nisma3 al jdid mnifra7 fi,halla2 inte sourte mitel hal 3alam,cos kil marra ana b2oul inno wooow,,3anjad 7ilo,w btirja3e dighre w bidoun ma nitwa2a3 byitla3 ma3ik chi wala 2arwa3,bas hal marra 7a ykoun fi 2arwa3,w howe al chi yalle ba3do bi 3a2lik w fikrik w 2i7sesik,3anjda ra2i3 Ar2our,,wallah,nharik sa3id mwah MizZzZzZzZz…..

  3. Anonymous says:

    One more thing bib,kil marra btiktbe 3an chi w how it makes you feel,,ana bi2dar 2itkheyalik,no ana bi2dar choufik,cos b7issik 3am ti7ke 3an chi cheyfo 3anjad,yimkin im so lucky inno kint ma3ik bi heik la7azat. Do u remember souk al zou2?that's what im talking about,w heik ana halla2 cheyfik,bas fi chi zyedeh 3am yilma3 3al mounkhar ;)take care xxx

  4. yaser says:

    3an jad 7elo hal descreption and if you are going to write a book that would be great

  5. BeeBee says:

    Thank you so much Zeezazoo, Mazoun and Yaser… I'm glad you enjoy reading what I post… I myself lose my pain and fears when I write… It is one of my bestfriends… My way out of reality and into some place more serene and happy!

  6. zeezazoo says:

    yes yaser, she's going to publish a great book, and i have a feeling that it's gonna be a hit, cuz she's talking about love, relations, work and life in an honest full of experiences way… plus, she is a good writer, so just imagine 🙂 :)hey beebee, no need to thank me, i'm glad writing is one of ur bestfriends, cuz now reading is one of my bestfriends too 😀 :Dgood job beebee…chaw!!

  7. Dr. Tantawy says:

    i am sorry i missed that post since its out hereits really coool , i like your description soooo much 😉 its rocks too Good Luck always beebeeee

  8. Anonymous says:

    Ar2our,guess what???yesterday Hadi w mahmoud 2iryo what you write b4 about the guys,,,they liked it ktir w they say thanks kamein w ino they always here for you,,hmmim sorry ino ma la77a2eit khaliyon yi2ro ekhir 2ibde3 katabti bas nyway they should read your blogg soon,hope la wa2ta bikoun sar fi more and more wonderfuLlLlLlLl things to read,,take care 7abboub ,nharik sa3id.P.S. sar fi ktir ktirrr brown sugar min al 2nc cup hehehehehe

  9. Anonymous says:

    This one the most nice words i ever read this rellay nice i can say any thig about it, after i read it the night be difrrent with me lool i do not now why but maybe i was scard from it and then no lool 😀

  10. Anonymous says:

    Beautiful! Makes me wonder how many people miss out on enjoying such fine, yet underestimated, blessings of life. I love your style.

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