How Come They Don’t See?

On a warm summer’s night, as I walk loaded with thoughts and faded dreams…
I pull my head back, stare at the sky and how pure it seems…
A faint brush of calmness falls upon me and I smile…
I then close my eyes for a few seconds, or even a while…
I think to myslef: How come they can’t see?
The beauty of nature that embraces me…
How can they just wander around aimlessly?
Without thinking of the harm they bring and the melancholy…
The trees dance for me, the stars shine brighter and the moon washes me with its light..
I lose all will to argue, all will to be mad or put up a fight…
I wonder again: Is it only me who can feel this way?
Can I be the only one who in nature feels like a child going out to play?
To nature I say thank you, for being one of my few real friends…
Providing me with comfort and ease that never stops, lacks or ends…


About outlived

X-dreamer, fighter and writer... Using words to unleash the pain that eats me from the inside out, day after day!
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4 Responses to How Come They Don’t See?

  1. zeezazoo says:

    beebee,i always hear the birds singing, and see the trees dancing on these songs, and the stars twinkling with the sweet harmony, and the moon laughing while looking down at the sweet "welcome show" the nature is doing whenever u go out… u give everything around u hope with ur presence.. and oooh, u should see the great show they do in everytime u smile, man these guys are good :Di don't mean to flirt with u, but u give life a reason to go on…

  2. Anonymous says:

    wooooow,3anjad how sweet,,in the arms of nature 3anjad you look like a baby,ba3rif ino bitsire inte w al mou7it 7awalayke wa7ad,ba3rif adde btit2asare bi kil warde w nasme w nijme 3am tilma3,ba3rif min al dam3a yalle btinzal min 3aynik bas tkoune rif3a rasik la fo2,mghamda 3younik w 3am tibtisme,ya Allah chou 7ilwe basmtik,,i can remember all that, ma3 inno ma akhado ma3ik more then seconds,believe me i know how much btit2asare,bas bta3rfe leh?la2anno 3indik alb r2i2,w 7anein ktir,,3anjad khallaytine 2itzakkar 2iyem al Janna mwah thank you.Mazzoun

  3. Baby Prophet says:

    Nature calls in her children to keep them from the cold world.. can you hear them giggle as they approach her; splashed with natural creativity? sunshine of purity seeping through existence with light velocity, like your words as they play my soul..

  4. Baby Prophet says:

    it's me again, i remembered something to share on "unity under Nature"; in other words, "Oneness"enjoy :)The definition of “Oneness”The relocation of heart and mind into one crater of common comfort commemorates childish coyness innate to human consciousness and casts crimson cares into the commodity of daily contribution to cravings for peace and continuity.Awake ones must carefully cross bridges above dangerous cliffs to deny brigades of Satan’s curses of curiosity to linger in the innermost intensity and essence of Homo sapiens throughout their subtle surviving of serendipities surprising the feeble mindeds’ psychological endeavors and secular strolls in Nature’s Simplicity. The conception of completion carries a code of specifications commonly understandable, and is not a complex challenge per se, but concludes in excellent communication skills with the surrounding capable species to which all of us belong.

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