Everything Burns…

Just heard this song on the radio, it reminded me of how I feel…

She sits in her corner
Singing herself to sleep
Wrapped in all of the promises
That no one seems to keep
She no longer cries to herself
No tears left to wash away
Just diaries of empty pages
Feelings gone a stray
But she will sing

Til everything burns
While everyone screams
Burning their lies
Burning my dreams
All of this hate
And all of this pain
I’ll burn it all down
As my anger reigns
Til everything burns

Walking through life unnoticed
Knowing that no one cares
Too consumed in their masquerade
No one sees her there
And still she sings

Til everything burns
While everyone screams
Burning their lies
Burning my dreams
All of this hate
And all of this pain
I’ll burn it all down
As my anger reigns
Watching it all fade away…


About outlived

X-dreamer, fighter and writer... Using words to unleash the pain that eats me from the inside out, day after day!
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9 Responses to Everything Burns…

  1. zeezazoo says:

    what a sad song???!!i know that that's how u feel these days, but that's not what is really going on with ur life…there r some people here trying their best to keep their promises to u…and if u r talking about "walking through life unnoticed…" well, u r very wrong, not u, u always leave a sweet impression wherever u go… i think u've noticed that at the IHF πŸ˜€ :Dcheer up dude…life is prettier than the way u think it is… don't let some people ruin it for u while they r having good times themselves…i'm waiting to read something cute and funny from u… and if u need a white wine before u write the next time, just let me know πŸ˜€ :Dhave a nice day beebee

  2. Baby Prophet says:

    you feel like you make yourself feel, what are promises? what are people talking? they are words that fade as soon as they are said, truth doesn't fade.. and humans are born with truth in them, open your inner eye, and you will realize nothing stands in the way of your personal and inner happiness.. whoever is singing in that song, she is singing herself into denial and neglect of herself, to annihilate the concept of negativity in the own brain is the deal… i always preach this, but choose to neglect yourself, sorry for being harsh angel, human emotions flow in a certain rhythm, maybe it's time to recognize and dance to it, don't you think? or take in poison and intoxicate your own soul to the edge of obliviun and you will notice that you'll just run over cliff to find a dozen more and people fall deeper. find your solid ground… you are actually on it and already know it but you don't listen to it..

  3. Baby Prophet says:

    i want to comment on all… the undeniable existance of the soul does not conclude that finding a partner is the most crucial and finite action of a human being's life!!! i'm receiving negative vibes from your writings, they all aim at one… the soul contains the infinity of the world's creativity and natural development. how can one develop if only focusing on one single minute detail of life… last night i watched a documentary about Ethiopia, in the north-eastern desert it hasn't rained for three years; the person in the filming lived with a nomad family; the whole family has been nourishing itself solely from goat milk FOR THE PAST SIX MONTHS, all of their cattle is dead, and the children have diseases we don't even have the capacity to dream of; YET, THE ESSENCE, the parents of 10 children, still smile at each other before sleeping, asking the desert to be kind to their children and not to take them away from them. and every night, although their bodies are barely skin and bone, they hug.. we, us, them, all those we criticize on a daily basis for being lost, or "out-of-fashion", on ingrates to life, or simply ignorant… all of our basic needs are way over being fulfilled and we complain and complain and complain on and on about not finding "the right one" imagine we have to struggle for survival, would you still think this or that person is not good enough because he or she is does not have some paper that carries the head of a past or present "leader" to buy the best of the best? la creme de la creme? and sing about it, and feel "empty" without it… nothing burns, except ignorance into the brain of souls denied of continuous contact with the universe.. "take my words, and sust me out.. check my life if I am in doubt"

  4. BeeBee says:

    This blog is about me… Is about how I feel, whether I'm sad or happy.. Look at it, through every post, you'll see a thousand emotions… You'll feel a million vibes! I'm not always complaining! And my life, as I believe is much more than searching for "the one" or even "a one"!

  5. Beeb, life isn't great most of the time, and happy moments are so few, compared to sad moments in our life, and there lenght itself is pritty short, you feel like happy moments last for a few seconds, and that sad and upseting moments last forever, thats because they do!! but all we can do, us as humans is just try to make these happy moments unforgetable,by making the most of them, enabling us to keep on going and trying to find the next moment of happiness which will leads us to the next, in return, and so on.. Keep searching for these moments. You are not alone, we are all searching. And waiting for whatever promises that have been made for us to be fullfilled.(Any one who has read this, please dont mind the spelling, i'm working on it.. πŸ™‚ )

  6. Dr. Tantawy says:

    its really sad song , but i liked it πŸ™‚

  7. Anonymous says:

    I know wht will make you feel happy and what will put the smile on ur face,,when i see you soon i will tell you,,till that time,plz try to chwai aktar happy,,miss you ktir,take care of your self.

  8. Baby Prophet says:

    Dearest, I want you to be happy all the time, believe me it is possible :)referring to the last third of my second comment, i wrote "we" (always complain…), meaning the human race, sad and happy are counterparts; yet the balance is the sought ease of spirit and mind. what you reep is exactly what you saw, bounce your rubber-loving and it will bounce right back to you, and every time you fling a stone it will end up hitting you… peace, love and unity is the lacking vibe of the community, the world is at war, but that's nothing new to me, yet positivity is my royalty.. emotions can be objective because no one is alone in any instant of life, day, minute, or memory.. turning vibes into neutrum makes them a fact of life.. that is the beauty of the unexpected.. :)sweetest,forgive me; excuse my philosophy, i wish a most vigorous smile to be your daily commodity.. you know your purity is phenomenal πŸ˜€

  9. AM says:

    That's a sad one, I hope things change for the better …

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