The Roles We Play…

On the stage of life, it all depends on how good we can act the roles we play, even though we don’t always have time to practice them…
In the morning, we prepare ourselves to get started… (Of course, it’s only at night when we don’t actually act… We are who we are…)
We put on the correct costume for the role, whether the school uniform, a suite, a formal dress, or any other suitable choice, and we head out…
During the time we spend out, especially as employees (and sometimes as students), we learn to assume the tough personality, unbreakable role! We hide away our fear, exhaustion, sadness, pain, heart breaks…. And pretend we are fine…
We bury our soul and heart and only activate our brain cells! We switch of our feelings, emotions, wants and needs and focus on “what has to be done”….
Mind you, very few may notice that you are acting, because in reality, they are actors too!
Late at night, when we finally get to our bed (or maybe even someone else’s!) and we take of the custome and retire from this tedious job for a few hours….

About outlived

X-dreamer, fighter and writer... Using words to unleash the pain that eats me from the inside out, day after day!
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2 Responses to The Roles We Play…

  1. zeezazoo says:

    well, i guess we all have different roles in this life, we r all actors in a really huge play…only professionals who can switch off their feelings, emotions, wants and needs and focus on what has to be done at work… who can seperate the different roles they have to play during the day…we are not who we really are at night, i don't think so.. we are who we really are when we are with someone we really trust and we feel that he/she is being who he/she really is…and the worst thing is to be who u really are with people acting like they r not acting, cuz these people can cause a lot of troubles and problems, and they can get whatever they want from u if they r good actors…it's complicated… it's really a nice subject to think about…u r good beebee, but u think too much.. and u let these thoughts control u… take it easy beebee..

  2. Anonymous says:

    Kill 2insein 2ija 3al dinye 2ilo dor,,w mitel ma bi2oulo,yalle khili2 3ili2,,halla2 adde kif bi2adde dawro,hayda yalle btihtam fi chakhsiyto,,bas al akid inon ma 7ada dawro byichbah al tene,,w ana kamein i think inno fi neis ma dawra tmassil bas,fi neis kamein lezim tdir al masra7iyeh or al film,bas bill niheye killon bikounon 3am yichtighlo la sabab m3ayan,bil niheye,al film baddo yikhlas,w kill 2insein 7a yirja3 la aseso,bas yirja3 3al beit ta yneim,bas ykoun la7alo bil toilet,or bas ykoun ma3 7ada bi7ibbo…ana ba3rif inno inte wi7de min al achkhas yalle byi2daro yit7akkamo bi mache3iron w 3awatifon w 7ajeton killa khileil al choughol,,w bizkor inno kint deyman 2is2alik 3a chi,,do you still remember what it was???Hope ur ok Ar2our,,Nharik sa3id.

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