My Brother & I…

This picture was taken when my little brother visited me in Lebanon and we went to this magical village called “Ni7a”…
We both loved the place… It was filled with green trees and scenary and humble and generous people…
اشتقتك با لبنان

About outlived

X-dreamer, fighter and writer... Using words to unleash the pain that eats me from the inside out, day after day!
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11 Responses to My Brother & I…

  1. Anonymous says:

    i know what you mean about that place cos i sow how much you were happy and what Fadi said inno it was he's first time bichouf fiya hall2ad khadar,لبنان مشتألك كمان

  2. THE M@ZEN says:

    it has been a long time since i saw u last time. i like the photo a lot it seems that in this picture you show the real you and it is very nice.

  3. THE M@ZEN says:

    btw i forgot to tell you that i am really sorry for everything that i didnt do to you when you were in lebanon.there was a lot to say to you and a lot to do.but it seems that we are ment to be online friends only.i will never forget the sob7iehs that we used to do, ireally should tell you this: i loved the fact that i live in Beirut and that i had the pleasure of knowing her well cause although beirut is not too big bu it seems that Beirut has a very big heart and too bad she went to jordan. i will never forget you and saleimit Beirut w alb Beirut. 🙂

  4. zeezazoo says:

    sweet pic… u look good as usual!! i hope this smile never comes off of ur face!

  5. doha says:

    after looking at this pic,there's nthg to say but wishing u happiness with your family and friends..

  6. Lirun says:

    you guys look sooo the university able to recommence?how long do you have to finish your mba?wishing us all

  7. BeeBee says:

    Hey Lirun, thank you for your sweet comment and concern… Universities will commence very soon but I'm going to begin next senester becasue i am working now! I have 4 more courses and I'm done with my MBA! Thank u for visiting my blog.Take care

  8. Kamal says:

    now there is a face that brings back memories :)hope everything is going great with you.

  9. AM says:

    You look so cuuuuuuuuuuuuute and happy, both of you, A GREAT PHOTO 😀

  10. zeezazoo says:

    so, finally u r in lebanon back again… how do u feel?? how does it look like?? how's life there?? i know that nothing can stop the lebanese people from living their normal lives…i hope u r having fun there…c u soon…

  11. Dr. Tantawy says:

    BeeBee you are so cute 🙂 i have to take care then :)) i didnt hear about that place , but i am really looking forward to visit lebanon as a whole .. hope so !!

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