To The Arabs… With… Love??

Our war began, as it may end, with us starting at our television screens, which we sat in front of for long hours, days and nights… And where the news broadcasts have become our daily breakfast, lunch and dinner meals!

We carried out bags and filled them with the ammo of condemning, swearing and profanities. We stood in front of the enemy’s artillery and we threatened: “Don’t You dare!!” After all, we are people who have the ability to use the most expressive words at any situation…

We throw our bodies down on our chairs, or on our beds, and we complain about being tired… Are we really tired? Or is it the Arab world that is grousing from tiredness?

The human being has become the cheapest commodity being sold among those big players in the market! This weak and helpless human being who now is lucky to have a vast variety of choices to find death; a bullet, a rocket, or just get buried under some fallen building!

A new barbarian, destructive, vicious and inhuman massacre… Its victims being 60 people, with 38 of which are children… How can we sleep? How can we eat? How can we drink? What we care about is our comfort… How can we be that naïve and careless? When, out there, exists someone who has lost a mother and a father, a sister and a brother, a daughter and a son, an infant, or maybe a whole family??? How can we when many are being killed randomly, as if they were sheep being slaughtered on the first day of Eid!

We lost our courage, we blinded our ears and numbed our feelings…Justice? Where is it? It probably has gone with the wind…. Let us at least keep some of our pride… Just some!

Instead of glaring at the television screens, those that are painted with the blood of our people, why don’t we try to do something? Anything? Why don’t we just try? What are we afraid of?

Enspired by: One of my fellow bloggers…

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X-dreamer, fighter and writer... Using words to unleash the pain that eats me from the inside out, day after day!
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6 Responses to To The Arabs… With… Love??

  1. zeezazoo says:

    try to do something?? like what?? what r we afraid of?? nothing… but what can we do when our countries don't wanna do a thing… i wish it was that easy, people are trying to do something, anything for palestine since the day i was born and before, but no one can do a thing, not because they r afraid.. it's just that they can't.. all we can do is go out for some demonstrations to support lebanon and palestine and show the foreign countries that we care, and that we are willing to do something really bad to them, the time our countries allow it.. it's sad, but that's all what we can do… i guess..

  2. Anonymous says:,,,baby,plz tell all your friends,or if you can put this site on ur front page so everyone can see the israelian and american justice.i was in b central al naher when they hit the port,and when u see that women ,in rmeileh,did you see the her car???ba3atillik ana sourita b4,i took it b my phone,hope ur ok,b strong and writing 7abboub.

  3. Anonymous says: 2,Wla ta7sibanna allazina koutilou fi sabilillah amwatann bal a7ya2an 3inda rabbihim yourzakoun(sadaka allah al 3azim)

  4. AM says:

    My God, these pics by anon bewajj3ol 2aleb!!!

  5. inmotion says:

    wlik I have no clue what to do anymore..Seriously I am loosing my mind over this ..I can't get any work done ..I have no clue how to cope and im not even in a war zone .. im not even in leb ..Jesus ..all I got is donate my money .. thats it .. what else can I do ..I can keep writing I can keep complaining .. voices will be heard .. but the promise to continue loving and rising above the occassion and eliminating any hatred that rises within me is getting difficult ..I keep flashing to those images of the babies in Qana in my head every two minutes literally ..At first I wanted to cry .. now I just want to scream tomorrow if this continues I won't just be screaming anymore ..If you have taken the conscience decision to not fight with hatred and vengeance .. and to love do you uphold that decision when you're being pushed over and over again .how do we do it?Thanks for this post beebeeyour last post in arabic starts off really beautifully ..I wish I could help .. we will see Ive got some ideas but I need to find a group of serious lebanese ppl in dubai that will want to help ..

  6. BeeBee says:

    babykaos, thank u for this true sharing of feelings… I feel the same… I am trying hard to concentrate on work and get things done but inside, there is this voice that keeps urging me to do something, what is it? I have no clue! My last post was written by a political analyst/writer, in the comment area, I added his point of view on how to act! When u have the time, take a look..

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