What If?

After having a long conversation with dad this morning… Some questions surfaced in my mind…

What if I was in lebanon when all this began? Would I be scared? Would I be helping out? Would I be crying my eyes out? Or Would I have been strong? Would I be in Beirut still? Or would I be in the mountains with my freinds? Or on my way back to Amman?
Would my mom call me there? Would she think of leaving Jordan and coming to Beirut to be with me? If she couldn’t do that, would she be ok? Would she be able to go on with her life as if nothing has happened?
What would dad be doing right now? Where would he be? On TV? On the radio? On the front?
My little brother… How scared would he be? How herioc would he try to seem? What would his reaction be to every bomb and shooting he ehars?

See? Things always follow a certain pattern we can never figure out… A sequence of events that lead to different reactions we might have never expected… This is the simple fact of life…

What if…. I wish that… If only…. Words and words, just to explain a human condition at a certain point in time…


About outlived

X-dreamer, fighter and writer... Using words to unleash the pain that eats me from the inside out, day after day!
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One Response to What If?

  1. zeezazoo says:

    that's what they call the "butterfly effect"in this kind of situations i always say that humans are not controlling their life the way they think they r.. that's why people should have faith and believe in fate and God's will.. cuz if u didn't go to egypt and stayed in lebanon, things as u said are going to be a lot different..(if u wanna read more about the butterfly effect visit my blog :D)well.. if u were in Beirut i'm sure that u would have been strong and helping out, u r a patriot… but life here would not be the same for those who love u, i can assure that..anyway, thanks God u r here, and u r doing a lot from here, belive me… at least u r really worried about it, and u r not having fun and forgetting all about it… that's great from u, i really admire that in u my friend…

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