I’m sure many of the people who read my blog are almost bored out of their wits hearing talk about life and it’s irony, disappointments and pain… But really, as Arabs, no, as citizens actually, what else could one talk about???
Just two days ago, I heard that my home in Beirut is being taken over my homeless refugees who have been bombed out of their homes and sent wandering in the streets looking for a shelter! It made me think: What should I feel? How should my response be?
Well, I am recently experiencing the ups and lows of everyday life… Be it inside my home, with the family or be it on TV or just by hanging out with my friends or talking to them on the phone…
I have come to realize the value of laughter, that laughter accompanied my tears of despair, resulting from pure inability of taking any kind of action in response to the current situation!
See, the problem is as follows:
Sometimes a small crack of hope can allow for a breath of freedom and liberty, yet, at others, all the pain in the world could accumulate in your soul that no small ray of light could even penetrate!
Cuffed and stranded, exiled, this is how it feels being right here, right now, behind the keyboard, unable to do anything I can call “useful” for my countries (Lebanon and Palestine), for my family, or even for myself!
But you know what really keeps me holding on? It’s those old Palestinian and Lebanese songs I used to listen to when I was about six or seven… Their lyrics keep me alive, their meanings give me strength, even if it is limited to the time I recite them!
At the top right of this piece of writing, is an image of a symbol many of you know and respect… To me, he is another string of hope….


About outlived

X-dreamer, fighter and writer... Using words to unleash the pain that eats me from the inside out, day after day!
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6 Responses to Samidoun?

  1. Bi iznihi Samidoun..Iam sitting in the middle of Beirut City, Ive slept underneath zionist terror bombardment at my home in Dahieh. And I dont fukin give a shit if this war lasts for 10 years. Before this all started I was thinkin about my career my life and other stuff..but all seemed so emtpy and meaningless. Now Iam only thinking about facing the US imperialism and I feel so full of life and I could not give less of a fuck if I dont have anything to eat or nowhere to sleep. The moment of truth has come, this is the time that God will ask us about in our afterlife. Did you face your enemy did you stand up for the cause ? or did you just give up and made the resistance your enemy.Long live the resistance !Long live Lebanon !Yes, to a liberated Palestine !We will face the brutal attacks with all we got, we will teach the world a lesson in honour and pride.

  2. isaacman says:

    God bless you man…that's the spirit all the arabs are looking for…bi iznihi samidoun w montaseron…

  3. BeeBee says:

    Ya3ni all we need is more people like you Alloush… And more support from others… So thank u Alloush and Ziad… I am glad I was able to write something that deserved such comments…

  4. Anonymous says:

    "innakom toukatilouna abna2a mo7amadinn w 3aliyinn w al 7asann w al 7ousein w ahli bayti rasoulillah w sa7abati rasoulillah,antom toukatilouna kawman yamlikouna imanan la yamlikouhou a7adon 3ala wajhi al kourati al ardiyah w antom ikhtartom al 7arba al maftou7ata ma3 kawminn ya3tazzouna bi tarikhihim w 7adaratihim w thakafatihim w aydan yamlikouna al koudrata al maddiyah w al imkanat w al khibra w al 3akel w al houdou2 w al 7ilm w al 3azim w al sabat w al chaja3a,al 2ayyam al moukbila baynana w baynakom IN CHA2A ALLAH" Ka2id al 2oumma Al sayid Hasan NasrouLLah 14.07.2006 8:55 p.m.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Pisst,i still read ur blog,if you want all what al sayid 7assan said,i can write it all, and dont worry about your appartment,it's in a safe hands,im checking it everyday,many things is in ur mind now,so try to dropp the appartment and it's probleme out of ur mind,and one more thing,sitting in front of the screen and writing such things is better then what most of al 7oummem al arabs do,thants how i feel,so plz baby keep writing and dont stop,i also hear all the arabic(lebanese and Palestinien)song and it made me cry espacilly when i see that israelien terrorist holdin a palestinien man and brocken his arms and knees with a rock,God be with us God be wiz Al Sayid Hasan,al 3izzatou lil 2islam,ALA INNA 7IZBA ALLAH HOM AL GHALIBOUN

  6. Anonymous says:

    7oummem = zou33am

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