What is LOVE?

For all those people who actually care to read my blog…. I need your help…
Can you tell me what love is? What is the true meaning of the word love? How does it feel? How can we show it? Feel it? Know its there? Lose it?
I though I had the answer… I thought I figured it out more than once, that I’ve learnt its secrets and unsolved its access codes!
I wrote about it… I filled up many pages explaining what it means to me… But now, all my pens are dry…
Help me…


About outlived

X-dreamer, fighter and writer... Using words to unleash the pain that eats me from the inside out, day after day!
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10 Responses to What is LOVE?

  1. Anonymous says:

    when u have that feeling in your stomac bcos u miss someone,,when u stomac start tickiling you when u see the person u used to be with,when you open ur eyes in the middle of the night and realise that ur pillow is wet bcos u were dreaming about that person,,when u dont eat nything cos u know that the person you love is not eating,,when u cant think about nything cos all your thought is connected to one person and that person is not arround you,when u feel like you cant breath cos you feel like you totaly lost the person you love,and for millions of reason,,bas u know what hurt the most??when you hear that the person you love telling you that you never be arround him,never loved him never did nything for him,,,i loved two person in my life,God took the first and the second chose to do that.

  2. IsaacMan says:

    what is love?!?!?!hehehe… nobody can tell what love is.. no one knows what love is.. no one can put plans to love or make a decision to love.. no one knows when love starts or when love ends.. but i've learned from life is that one sided love is not love.. getting used to someone is not love.. not trusting the other side is not love.. not welling to give sacrifices is not love.. feeling the desire to see someone else after seeing the other side is not love… etc.. etc.love is when u feel comfort about it, when u feel it is the right thing to do, when u can express it without hesitating, without feeling stupid, without feeling used.. love is when feel that u start to love everything around u, when u feel that u don't hate anything or anyone anymore..i can write for hours about what i think love is, but the most beautiful thing about love is that it is different from one person to another, the meanings of love are different, the ways they love are different, and no one can know what love exactly is, or when it is going to strike..there r no secrets or codes in love.. the simpler the love is, the prettier it is.. and we should not worry about how r we going to show it cuz it's gonna show itself with everymove or thing we make or everyword we say… and when we lose love we just feel it and it's hard to get it back believe me..i've never thought i will be telling u about love, i mean u from all the people i know, believe me, u know what love is and u taught me all the beautiful meanings of it..

  3. BeeBee says:

    No… The second one you pushed away… You didn't want.. Mabrook the third one anyway!

  4. Anonymous says:

    as u told me once,inte heik ra2yik,bas bil nisbe 2ile,kinte 3am tiz3ale min stupied small things,ladaraj2 inno 7aseit ka2no baddik to3wid 3an yalle 3amalti between 7 and 9 of may,,,i know inno mich heik bas that's how i felt,,w kamein koune akide inno chou ma ba3mil bdal ana yalle madyounlik,w plz remember what i used to tell you,saying i love you is not love but doing things for the 1 u love bidoun ma ya3rif w bidoun ma yrabbi7 jmile,that's love cos al tad7iye hiye 2awal 7ajar bi the house of love,,,w btw i still dont understand what u said bil Oceana,cos if you mean that girl,,,hehehehe bitkoune habboul ya bibi,sorry 3al kilme,bas that girl is a friend of mine w i didnt sow her from a long time w kamein she know you w she know about us plus she was asking me leh kinte m3assbe hall2ad while you were talking to that man (her friend at work) that's it,,w one more thing,if you think inno what was between us is not love,then believe me inno there is no love in the world,good luck where ever your going,take care of your self,you so important for me,inte ktir ghalieh,you will always be my lil Ar2our mwah byebye.

  5. BeeBee says:

    Ma badde 7adan y3awidle 3an shi… All I needed was something you could never give due to many reasons I will not go in to.. Btw, I am not jealous from your old and "ugly" friend! Good luck! Kamen shi, I'm not anybody's anything, remember that!

  6. Anonymous says:

    yeah,i can see how much you dont care wala 7atta nattoufe about that girl,,btw she also a lesbian,,,w kamein chi ,you were w you are w you will always be Mizo's Lil Ar2our,nharik sa3id.

  7. Baby Prophet says:

    Love is the sense of elevation from the trivial. A Historian's Love is History, Humanity's Love is the Future. Love is more than the tickling in the Stomach. Your stomach feels it probably, yet the body is one with the soul and brain. Love is for everyone, yet sadly felt rarely; the soul is always one with nature and the energy which makes up the Universe. Every particle of energy in the body is identical, but differently formed and shaped for a certain purpose. The Soul's Energy is one with the universe, but when fear and agitation rules daily life, negativity consumes the brain. You do not become blind, it's the opposite, you become too aware of the trivial details surrounding one's physical existance, thus causing a distraction from the actual energy flow of the universe where one knows without using the five senses. Love is the only solution. Love is when you find the bond with the universe, the impersonation of energy in another human body is the definition of human Love.

  8. Anonymous says:

    ‘True love’ is not a response to emotionally felt lack, fear or loneliness. It does not seek to satisfy a craving or unfulfilled need. It is not a mental response to anything but, as it were, a state of being. Love offers and explains a definition of love in a way that is interesting, intense, clear, logical, and meaningful. All relationships –love, infatuation, friendship, dating, marriage, family, community, and professional– involve three key elements: Emotions –how we feel about each other Ethics –how good or bad we are for each other Joys –how much we satisfy or dissatisfy each otherThese determine the quality of our relationships; and The Meaning of Love explains how they interrelate, and why attraction –the normally considered most important emotional element and conventional hallmark of love– is not sufficient to signify a relationship as one of love, no matter how strong or how enduring that attraction may be.Or better: it is an energy – namely, the Divine Creative Force that exists equally in everything living – and therefore also in ourselves. In its essence, Love is that Energy Which is the Source of our being – Which brought us into life and keeps us alive.Which, in brief, is simply to say? We are born to love: Our main task in this life is to ‘learn loving’.And finally I Hope to see you soon Beirut, really I miss u , take care sweetyRegards

  9. BeeBee says:

    Just saw the last comment on my blog… Would really love to know who wrote those beautiful words!

  10. Anonymous says:

    I cannot believe that you didn't know who wrote the last comment, I am upset, you should know without telling you, you should know from the style of writing and from the meanings of 'True love' , this is Mohamed Han….,Hope to see u soon regards….

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