Great Discovery!

Why Do women love to go shopping?
All you guys out there have wondered, maybe just even once, why do women love to go shopping? Well, through a journey in my mind, I have discovered the following….
There are a few reasons why women go shopping:
1. A date: trying to look your best for a date, especially first dates, is very essential to every woman.
2. To attract: some women strongly believe that what they wear can affect their personality positively so, they try their hardest to choose something very sexy and attractive. This sometimes makes up for the lack of ability to start interesting conversations!
3. Need: depending on the season and weather (very rare).
4. To release pressure and lower the degree of depression: I personally do that! I do not go shopping because I need to, I go shopping when I’m feeling down. I spend all the money I have (or might not have at the moment!) so I can think about that instead of worrying about what really bothers me!


About outlived

X-dreamer, fighter and writer... Using words to unleash the pain that eats me from the inside out, day after day!
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2 Responses to Great Discovery!

  1. Baby Prophet says:

    i don't understand shopping, clothes are a simple need, not alwyas even :p.. Accessories, by definition, are useless.. Brainwashington rules fashion victims

  2. Anonymous says:

    so boyfriends love girls who go shopping for the first reason…guys around the world love girls who go shopping for the second reason…the third reason is really rare, i heard it's going to become extinct, cuz girls don't care about the weather…and finally, guys (friends, or boyfriends) should stay away from girls who go shopping for the forth reason, cuz girls r going to spend all their money and the guys' money on this stupid shopping… :)zeez

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